​​Aerial Photographer,Ground Photographer​

Construction Progress Aerials...

We can capture the progress of your construction project on weekly, monthly, bi monthly, or quarterly basis. Our sharp detailed aerial photographs provide critical information for contractors, sub contractors, banks & anyone else involved in the project. Progress photographs can strengthen communication & provide evidence during the construction phases.

We can fit YOUR schedule



Bi Monthly


Before & After


....Any Schedule

We can fit YOUR needs

Same views each flight

Entire site photographed at 360 degrees

High & Low Altitudes

Obliques & Verticals

Image Files archived for 1 year

Monitor Critical Stages

....Any Needs

Images available online 4 days after flight.

6-8 high resolution photos

Disc backup of all images each flight

low obliques




Images available online next day.

10-15 high resolution photos

13x19  print of choice each flight

Disc backup of all images each flight

low & high obliques

2 Altitudes up to 4,000 ft




Images available online 2 days after flight.

10-15 high resolution photos

Two 8.5x11 prints of choice each flight

Disc backup of all images each flight

low & high obliques

Single Altitude




Light Package 

Standard Package 

Premium Package 

      We understand that each project has its custom nature with variables so please do not hesitate to call & ask details


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​                 Oblique Aerials  verses Vertical Aerials....


               Photographs taken at an angle are called Obliques.                      Photographs taken straight down are called Verticals


                                           low oblique                                                                                              vertical at  x ft

Ground Progress Photography also available

A lot of times, our customers have a system in place to document pictures on the ground. But, on event, a third party or photographer is needed to meet up with development requirements to keep one or more clients happy. We can photograph certain specifics from the ground that you request at a low cost.

Still More Questions?

​if you are still questioning if construction progress aerials would be useful for your company. We will deliver you an sample photo of YOUR site for free with no obligations.

     Now its time to find the site you want us to photograph