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Questions for Aerophoto America

One thing we do not want is you leaving our website with one big question mark over your head

To Help prevent any confusion we have provided some food for thought....

Q: Is Aerial Photography too expensive for me? 

A: Even though flying is not the cheapest way of travel we keep our costs low with our own in house aircraft. Aerial photography is afforable to everyone. You would be surprised how reasonable the price can be for you. Contact us today

Q: Does Aerophoto America Provide printing services?

A: In a short Answer...YES. We are not a printing company so we do not offer a wide range of printing. However, we often provide our customers with prints, framed prints, canvas prints, and gallery wraps of their images or from our stock photography. 

Not in our area? We highly recommend using Printing Center USA for most of your printing services. Great Company! 


Q: What if It Rains on the day of my photo session? 

A: No Worries because we will simply reschedule at no charge. We can never underestimate the power of mother nature and we are at her mercy when it comes to scheduling aerial or ground photo sessions. 

Q: What Kind of Payments does Aerophoto America Accept? 

A: We accept all forms of payment here at Aerophoto America. We take all major credit cards, checks, paypal, money orders etc. Also thanks to todays technology  we can make your life easier with online payments directly from our site. 

Just click on the Buy Now tab to make a payment, deposit, etc.

Q: Do I have to come and pick up my images and/or prints? 

A: Remember how we said you are not just a number to us? We prove that by hand delivering all of our images and prints to you personally if in our local area. This way we ensure our products are delivered safely and you can put a face to Aerophoto America

Q: Do I own the Images so I sell my images that I purchase from Aerophoto America? 

A: Aerophoto America retains all copyrights to the images unless we make specific arrangements.We grant the client unlimited but non-exclusive rights to use or reproduce the photographs for which the client pays.The Client is obtaining prints for personal use only, and shall not sell said prints or authorize any reproductions thereof parties other than Aerophoto America.

Basically in simple terms we ask you to respect our copyright protection. We put our heart and soul in our work. You dont want to steal someone's heart and soul do you? If you have a specific request just ask us. We are always happy to help!