​​Aerial Photographer,Ground Photographer​

Legal Aerial Services...

Our Legal Aerial Photography Service is a great tool for Lawyers. No one wants a confused jury & aerial photographs of the scene can solve that issue for our clients. We can capture the entire scene in one aerial photograph. We provide photographs with street names, skid mark lengths and any other notes needed.

We Can Provide Same Day Service Depending on Weather 

One Picture is worth a 1,000 words      



Condo Fire Virginia Beach,VA

Tornado Damage Suffolk, VA

Land Aerial Services...

Our Land Aerial Photography Service is a great tool with many uses for our clients. We can provide this service for you as a one time site flight or a monthly or bi monthly flight over the land. We can customize any package for you and your needs. 

These Services are a great tool  for

  1. Environmentail Studies

  2. New Development Studies

  3. Land Boundary Disoutes

  4. City Planning


Clam Bed Study Eastern Shore, Va

Land Development Study North Carolina