​​Aerial Photographer,Ground Photographer​

Residential Aerials Services..

        Everyone knows there is no place like home! So lets show off that home sweet home with an aerial photograph!

Residential Aerial Photographs are Great For:

  1. Real Estate Agents- Market new Homes for Listings

  2. Developers- Show Housing in Relationship to Surrounding Community

  3. Friends & Family-Great gift with a small price & Big Surprise

  4. YOU- Meaningful and Perfect photo for that empty wall in your house

Residential Ground Services..

Need to make your house look ready to sell for the highest asking price?Our clients love this service because it captures the best qualities of your home. The package includes exterior and interior photographs of the property. Prospective buyers need motivation to pick your real estate property over the next. No photos = No Sale

Package Includes:

1. Exteriors

2. Interiors

3. 13x19 print of your choice

Why use Aerophoto America over a Google image from your computer?

Google Earth

Google Earth 100% as 3x2 size. Any larger will result in low resolution

Google Earth detail view

Aerophoto America

Aerophoto America 100% as 13x19 size. Can be enlarged

Aerophoto America detail view

We will let you decide which is better for you

​​Aerial Photographer,Ground Photographer​

​Aerial Photography & Ground Photography